11 April 2010

Danielle's Book Reviews Take 1

I warned all of you that I am horrible at bloging. So as a little change of pace I am going to start doing book reviews. The first book that I am going to review is: 

The Paradise War (Song of Albion - Book I) by: Stephen R. Lawhead
The Paradise War begins in current time England and Scotland. Very early in the book you find out a little bit about Celtic myth and legend. My Celtic pronunciation is dreadful, so I am glad that there is a pronunciation guide in the front of the book. Let me tell you, it still didn't help me much, but it's nice that it's there. 

The book transports you to a mythic Celtic land full of amazing descriptions of land, sky, people and battles. Lawhead does an excellent job of description of the world of Albion; you really feel like you are there. The book is pretty fast paced and intriguing. There is one section, where I was hoping to just get back to the main story, but it happens soon enough. The book ends on a cliffhanger, because there are still two other books in the Song of Albion series. Lawhead's writing style is very easy to read and very descriptive. I felt like I was in the book the entire time. The links to Celtic mythology and legend are delightful.

Wonderful first book in this trilogy. A must read for fantasy readers and anyone who likes Celtic myth and legend. I do have the second book; The Silver Hand: The Song of Albion Book II, but i have not started to read it yet. I am on a mystery kick at the moment, so the next book review is going to be:

How To Wash A Cat by: Rebecca M. Hale.

Until the next book review!

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