24 May 2010

Heart of Stone Review

Heart of Stone (The Negotiator) Book 1:
By: C.E. Murphy

This review is going to be on the C.E. Murphy book Heart of Stone. It is a fantasy book that takes place in modern day New York. The main female character, Grit, is a likable character, who evolves through the story. The main male character, Alban, is likable also, but sometimes I just want to hit him for being so emo. Alban is a gargoyle and Grit is a lawyer. They make a good couple character wise. There is a lot of sexual tension between them and it builds through out the book.

Through the course of the book you learn about the five Old Races; Gargoyles, Vampires, Selkies, Dragons, and the Djin. It has a lot of references to things that pretty much every modern day person would know about unless you lived under a rock that is. This is the first book in the Negotiator series.

It is a good first book that leaves you wondering how the other two are going to go. The first story is tied up really nicely, and it opens into the next part of the story. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the second installment of the Negotiator series which is House of Cards.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes fantasy mixed with a little sexual tension and likable characters.

The next review will be Scar Night (Deepgate Codex, Book 1) by Alan Campbell.

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