01 February 2010

The Joys of College

As I sit here waiting for class to start, I begin to realize how long I really have been in school. This is frightening to me. I started college in the Fall of 1999, when I attended Edinboro University of PA. Well, let me tell you, that lasted a semester and a half! To be honest, I drank to much and started going drunk to class, not a good thing. So I came home in the Spring of 2000 and that summer I started at Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC), were I got my first Associates Degree.

My first Associates Degree is in Multimedia Technology. After that, I took a few years off and worked full time. Then in the Spring of 2008 (I believe), I am back at WCCC working on my 2nd Associates Degree. This degree is in Office Technology - Office Administration. I should be finishing with this degree in the summer.

Well I better be finishing this degree in the summer, because in the fall I am off to California University of PA to finally (hopefully) obtain my Batchelors Degree. My Batchelors will be Science and Technology with concentrations in Business Management and Marketing. Hopefully, I get my damn Batchelors now.

I really do enjoy school, but I realize that with at least 5 more years ahead of me, God this is taking forever. Like I said, the joys of college.

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